I lose it

This post followed my meeting with adoption services. Tuesday 4th December.

Post has been temporarily removed pending further negotiations. It can be sent to you by request. Please request by Commenting.

Subject matter concerns difficulties in accessing information held by the adoption unit due to to Chinese Personal Privacy Law.

Published by backstagestives

Looking for my long lost family in Hong Kong And previously.... Fell in love with coastal living 5 years ago. And moved to stunning St Ives. A place to create and grow and flourish. Got me a home and a job. And never looked back. Everyone talks and writes about the famous dead people of St Ives. Virginia and Alfred and Ben and Barbara and Peter and Wilhelmina. Well I thought I’d introduce you to some very nice folk, and they’re all very much alive and make St Ives a much the better town for it.

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  1. Oh my lovely Laura, I’m so sorry to read about all this frustration. Perhaps, just perhaps something will come of the publicity you have been getting and someone will know of your siblings. It must feel like a body blow right now but who knows what you may yet discover about your family or yourself.

    Sending love and hugs Axx


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