Hong Kong

what nuns cannot do

Aside from all the obvious, to my horror, whilst preparing a vegan lunch for my host’s guest, a buddhist nun, I discover buddhist (not sure about Catholic) nuns are not allowed to eat garlic or onion. Whoops. But I was politely informed with enough time to salvage the meal and we all enjoyed a Veganuary feast, even Mr Leung who usually demands meat at every sitting.

Today I’ve enjoyed not having to venture out on public transport of any kind and have taken the chance to try and collate some of my blogs and other writing into some semblance of a book/memoir, so I am all written out and still way off completing this task, so will finish up with a few pictures of our non garlic/onion cuisine and my generous hosts’ spacious typical HK style home.

Eva, Francis and Ding Yan

By backstagestives

Looking for my long lost family in Hong Kong
And previously....
Fell in love with coastal living 5 years ago. And moved to stunning St Ives. A place to create and grow and flourish. Got me a home and a job. And never looked back. Everyone talks and writes about the famous dead people of St Ives. Virginia and Alfred and Ben and Barbara and Peter and Wilhelmina. Well I thought I’d introduce you to some very nice folk, and they’re all very much alive and make St Ives a much the better town for it.

11 replies on “what nuns cannot do”

She appeared by train for lunch and disappeared again after. She cannot help herself to food so we had to put it on her plate. She’s off to California to study for a doctorate in Buddhism. Heaven knows how that all works and what you do with it when you have it. The oath to enlightenment – its a puzzlement !
Shaved heads also make it easy to spot the three burn marks in her head that tell you – what – I forgot! Something about ordination and precepts. Blimey. Get your head burned and the stupid lay people (most of the population! Don’t even get it. Religion is weird !


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