Hong Kong

words will follow post under construction

draft i)

boarded up HSBC bank where I got my new Integrated account. the only real sign I’ve seen so far of the protests. queues coming out the door and customers coming out with bricks, I mean wads of cash that were as big as bricks, to fill the lucky red envelopes for family and friends.

i am imagining that in future there will be a lucky red envelope phone app, where you choose an envelope style, how much you want to give, to which contact you want to give to, and press ‘send’.

in my shopping basket I have… I am loving wandering around the markets here and buying stuff in a process that is as unlike going to Tescos as you can imagine. fish flapping, eggs packed with string into a portable parcel, the scent of oranges filling the air. ladies with flowers taller than themselves, children in celebration costumes.

toilets and basins sold next to lemons next to little and large cherries. Weird meaningless jumpers. I love HK

By backstagestives

Looking for my long lost family in Hong Kong
And previously....
Fell in love with coastal living 5 years ago. And moved to stunning St Ives. A place to create and grow and flourish. Got me a home and a job. And never looked back. Everyone talks and writes about the famous dead people of St Ives. Virginia and Alfred and Ben and Barbara and Peter and Wilhelmina. Well I thought I’d introduce you to some very nice folk, and they’re all very much alive and make St Ives a much the better town for it.

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