It’s going to be a bright, bright, bright, sunshiny day. Coming home

Strange to think that a week ago I was in Hong Kong. Getting closure but at the same time affirming my new beginnings. The sun has set on all those questions about “Who was my Mother? Who was my Father? What was my story?” And now I know. And the sun rises on new beginnings. […]

Prestige cars, poor family, 7/11 and taking on the Access to Information office

Do you remember that file I so desperately wanted to read? The one held by the Social Welfare Department in Hong Kong. The one they said they never had when I wrote to them in 2004. The one that tells about my very early days, detailing my Mother’s and my family’s circumstances, why she put […]


Did you see Call the Midwife Christmas Day Special? One of the story lines was about orphans being brought to the UK from Hong Kong as part of the United Nations Year of the Refugee Programme. It took place in the early ’60s, and 103 babies, mostly girls were brought to the UK. Over 600 […]

Mum, I’m home

Wednesday 27th March 2019 “Put your right thumb there” the masked and gloved Hong Kong young government official says to me, over the top of her large monitor screen.  I can just see her eyes.  They are not smiling eyes like the happy official diagonally opposite in booth 48, who is also dealing with another […]

In brief

I’m here safe and sound I finally got my HK right of abode. Yay. Thank you to Winnie, again. I met my family for a reunion dinner. And met Alan, my nephew for the first time. The outdoor pools at Kowloon Park are full and warming up. I swam in the indoor pool to get […]