What’s black, white and red all over

Hop Inn Mody, Kowloon. Sunday 9th November 2018.18.43 my time. Munching on warm roasted chestnuts as I type.  Wearing Icelandic looking woollen jumper over a long floaty red dress.  I kept these two items from the H&M stash.  The temperature has dropped, and it’s beginning to feel a little like Christmas. The dorm was empty when I […]

I lose it

This post followed my meeting with adoption services. Tuesday 4th December. Post has been temporarily removed pending further negotiations. It can be sent to you by request. Please request by Commenting. Subject matter concerns difficulties in accessing information held by the adoption unit due to to Chinese Personal Privacy Law.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.” -Martin Buber

I posted a few photos on a facebook website “Hong Kong in the ‘60s”. Not thinking that anyone would respond.  Wrong.  So many wonderful people have shared the post and sent good wishes, 100s of them, I’ve met up with some, and carried on talking with others.  It’s stuff like this that makes everything about […]

Take the day off

Sunday 2nd December 11pm Hop Inn Mody Kowloon Yesterday I was deplete.  Like an iphone that flashes low battery 2%, and with too many applications still running in the background.   Maps application always running, trying to navigate, whether on foot, bus, MTR.  Getting better, but navigating my around HK constantly drains my reserves. Calculator app always […]