Richard braves Storm Emma and The Beast

Just look what happened, all in the space of one day.  Even we locals don’t get to see this very often.  Last time was apparently 40 years ago.

Snow in St Ives 1st March 2018

But St Ives people are a hardy bunch, coming out in all weathers to bring the town to life for visitors.  Here’s Richard selling home grown Cornish flowers.  Find him on a Friday and Saturday along the harbour front just by the infamous Sloop Pub ,  hand over  £2.00 and fill your heart and holiday cottage with a glorious heady fragrance and Springtime love that will easily last a week.  Richard tells me “if it stays cold, and they say it might well do I’ll be able to carry on with the flowers until early May 2018.  That’s a season of around 26 weeks because I started just before Christmas.  Three years back I had my best season ever, 28 weeks.  Shortest ever was 11.  Could’ve gone on longer with the flowers but my body just gave up”

When he’s not picking and selling his flowers, Richard weaves lobster and crab pots from willow withies, a dying art thats 150 years old.  But snow filling up the trenches where he planted his withies mean he’s only been able to make one pot so far in 2018.  But he smiles and reassures me it will all get better soon and invites me along to the Royal Cornwall Show in June.

If you’re planning to come to Cornwall in June, The Royal Cornwall Show at Wadebridge,  running from Thurs 7th – Sat 9th June makes a great day out for all the family.  But if you just want to catch Richard at work, why not grab a pasty and a pint from the Sloop, or a chilled wine and a salad, and watch him weave a little St Ives magic.

Insider Tip.  It’s not Richard’s, flowers or his pots that get the locals gossiping.  But his adamant refusal, like the great Einstein, to wear any socks.  Check out those feet below.  We don’t tell him to get out there and pull his socks up, that’s for sure but Richard, we do salute you.



The Journey Begins

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