Root tracing summary facts


Born : 20th October 1960

Place of Birth : Unmarked hut, Hung shui Kiu, New Territories

Birth Certificate No 48 P.R Ping Shan.

I have Full Birth certificate with Mother’s name and the man she was cohabiting with is available.  Please note. The man’s name on the birth certificate is not my Father.  

My Mother relinquished me into orphanage Po Leung Kuk on December 31st as she was suffering from a kidney disease.  

I stayed in Po Leung Kuk until February 1962 when I was adopted to the UK.

I am seeking information about

  1. Mother.  So Kam Lai.  

ID Card No 147628

Date and place of birth unknown as she was a refugee from China.  Likely to be 80 years or older.

She was a widow.  

Her first husband was called Wong Kam Kee and he died on 17.3.58 and death certificate 37/58 Tai Po refers.

The last known address for my Mother, around May 1961 was

Unmarked hut, Melon/Papaya Garden, Kam Shan Village, Tai Po.

  1. I have 3 half siblings from my Mother and her first husband’s marriage.  An elder brother and two elder sisters.  Probably all aged 60 years or older.  Probably all surname of Wong.
  2. My father was a man called Wong Tin.  He left my Mother just before I was born as his wife appeared from Mainland China with their children.  So I also seek Wong Tin and these half siblings.  They too probably  have the surname Wong.
  3. My Mother’s cohabitee at the time of my birth, whose name appears on my birth certificate, but who is not my Father TANG KAM WAH, a stone mason, also known as TANG TIN living in Hung Shui Kiu New Territories at the time of my birth October 1960.
  4. Also seeking a Lo Shu-Wing who was the person who translated my Mother’s Declaration and permission for me to be adopted.

Please read in conjunction with the Birth Certificate Document and my Mother’s Statutory Declaration.